Our facilities are headquartered in Canada, the US and China; and have the capacity to extract 1 tonne of biomass per eight-hour shift.

Let us explain...


The race towards industrial-scale extraction is in full swing. Currently, the industry's best-regarded method for obtaining 99.9% isolated compounds (at a bench-scale level) involves a multi-step process, as described below:

Chroma has repurposed its industrial Preparative Chromatography Separation System, previously used in the Tobacco, Pharmaceutical and Natural Food industries, specifically for implementation in the Hemp industry.



Biomass (hemp starting material) runs through a CO2, Butane or Propane extraction process to yield a bulk extract.


Compared to the industry leading Supercritical CO2 extraction machines, Chroma's are a quarter of the equipment cost and half the operating cost. Chroma’s processing centers take these cost savings and pass them straight through to the consumer by offering aggressive and competitive pricing for CBD and THCA isolate within today’s medical and recreational ingredient market.