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Chroma is an innovator in chromatography extraction solutions. Our proprietary equipment and processes allow for cost-effective hemp and cannabis extraction at an industrial scale. This technology allows us to produce the purest premium pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid ingredients. All products are third-party tested to be completely free of pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals.


In comparison to more traditional extraction methods such as CO2, microwave, butane, or propane extraction, our single step proprietary extraction technology isolates individual cannabinoids during extraction in order to deliver an unparalleled level of purity in our products while remaining cost-effective.   


Column Chromatography System

Chroma’s technology is based on an industrial preparative chromatography separation system. This system has been designed to extract biomass at high potencies and high efficiencies to maximize throughput. The industrial scale columns are filled with our proprietary polymer which extracts and separates complex compounds through a single step, closed loop and counter current liquid chromatography treatment. This enables Chroma to have a high processing capacity and a high solvent recovery ratio when compared to other extraction systems. As a result, Chroma can extend the useful life of the polymers due to polymer regeneration, offering even lower costs to customers than traditional extraction methods.

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