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Who is Chroma?

Updated: Feb 4

Chroma Global Technologies is a world leader and specialist in pharmaceutical quality extraction technology and ingredient supply. We are a Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC and are building a global network with partnerships, joint ventures, production facilities and distribution around the world. Production of our CBD products began in early 2020, and despite the challenges brought upon by COVID-19 we have been able to maintain our day to day operations throughout the pandemic. Chroma's production and distribution capabilities remain strong and we are processing orders for our clients on a daily basis!


We are innovators in extraction solutions, and our team is led by famed extraction pioneer Frank Zhu who created the systems behind Ginkgo Biloba, Coenzyme-Q10 and Stevia.

Chroma cost-effectively separates cannabinoids to a 99% purity level at an industrial scale, something the entire industry has been pursuing through various other extraction methods, but have yet to achieve. These extraction systems require multiple steps and procedures to end up with what can be called a pure cannabinoid (CBD, THCA, CBG, CBN). Chroma achieves this feat in one step, and the result is best witnessed to be believed. The purest CBD products which test clean from any residual solvents, impurities and deficiencies, ready for pharmaceutical use.


We supply the global hemp industry with pure, clean and effective cannabinoid ingredients including CBD isolate and distillate that are GMP Certified, Non-GMO, Pesticide and THC free. With industrial scale capabilities and quality control procedures, we have the capacity to produce up to 5000kg on a monthly basis while providing consistent quality within formulations. All of our ingredients are certified and product COA’s are 3rd party lab tested. We believe in a pharmaceutical approach to hemp products where each ingredient is tested and certified for efficacy.


Our team of experts are available 7 days a week and can be contacted directly via phone, text or email anytime. Our sales team is quick, helpful, and resourceful. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are eager to work with our clients, providing them with all the resources they need throughout the sales process. Find out more about Chroma Global Technologies at https://www.chromaglobaltech.com


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