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Chroma is a privately held British Columbia corporation, founded in 2013 to revolutionize and optimize the commercialization roadmap of the cannabis extraction industry.  Our vision to become the largest global producer of high yield, high potency, low-cost ingredients is becoming a reality, through our strategic joint venture opportunities.  Our patents, exclusive worldwide distribution and master license agreements has positioned us to secure long term partnerships with large Consumer Packaged Goods Corporations.

We have developed proprietary molecular extraction and separation technology for producing our premium CHROMA GRADE™ hemp and cannabis derivatives across the value chain that will disrupt the current extraction market.

As we set new commercial scale industrial processing standards, Chroma is delivering innovative extracted ingredients to satisfy the evolving demands of cannabinoid manufacturers working to deliver excellence with extracted products.

The Company continues to research and build out our Intellectual Property and patent portfolio, providing unique extraction protocols and research of plant and strain specific efficacy.  Our current Research & Development Technology Pipeline includes the separation of minor cannabinoids such as THCA, THC-O-Acetate, CBG, CBC and CBN.  In addition we are actively working on methods to purify high quality Psilocybin.

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